Earn Your Dream

“If you aim for nothing, you’re going to hit it.” College students are at a critical point in their lives where the things they are doing are starting to really make an impact in their futures. Earn Your Dream contains a few practical tips about how to make your content matter as a college student.

The things you do in college actually matter. This is the time of resume building and networking. No matter how many times you hear this before move in day it doesn’t become real until you are sitting in your Foundations of PR class and reading a power point that will literally be the foundation of your future career. It is totally different from when you sat in History 1010 and learned about ancient Babylon. This information matters and it is useful and you will apply it every day for the next 50 years of your life. So what does it mean when your professor asks you to write a paper explaining why you are choosing PR or you tweet about your class? If this is your foundation for your dream, how are you building towards that?

Eric Wilbanks spoke to my DIGM-365 class today and inspired us to treat the work we are doing at Lee University like the work we are going to do after graduation. “Earn your dream,” he told us, “whether or not you achieve your dream all relies on the quality of your content.” When you are working on a paper for your class it needs to reflect your brand. What kind of worker are you going to be when you get into the field? Present the quality of work today that you believe is appropriate or even standard for the future career you are striving towards.

Written work is important, and the work you turn in now should absolutely be something you would be proud of five years from now, but there is something even more important than that we need to focus on as students. Be excellent students in the classroom. We expect our professors to be engaging, interested, and excited to be there, so why don’t we hold ourselves to that same standard? I know it can be hard to be your best self in your 9 AM class, but do what it takes to be your brand in the classroom. Drink the coffee, get enough sleep, and know the material because the connections with your professors and the impressions that you are making in the classroom matter.

Being a student is a huge step in following God’s calling on your life. Just like any other aspect of your life, you are called to give 100% as a student and to do it all for the glory of God. Earning your professional degree is the same thing as earning your dream. It is exciting to know that we are making our dreams happen right now. As students, we can take that energy and bring it to everything we do inside the classroom and out.

One thought on “Earn Your Dream

  1. This approach to a college experience makes what you do and study so much more valuable. Applying your knowledge for your own personal benefit and future causes a student to listen and pay attention. This isn’t a lesson you will never need again, this matters! Bravo!


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